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NameDescriptionMolecular FunctionCellular ComponentBiological Process
Lipocortin I (annexinI) Ca++, phospholipids and actin-binding protein calcium-dependent phospholipid binding,
receptor binding,
calcium ion binding,
protein homodimerization activity,
phospholipase A2 inhibitor activity,
protein binding, bridging,
structural molecule activity,
protein binding
extracellular region,
mitochondrial membrane,
basolateral plasma membrane,
cornified envelope,
protein complex,
extracellular space,
lipid metabolic process,
arachidonic acid secretion,
response to drug,
estrous cycle phase,
positive regulation of apoptosis,
inflammatory response,
response to X-ray,
response to interleukin-1,
insulin secretion,
response to glucocorticoid stimulus,
positive regulation of prostaglandin biosynthetic process,
peptide cross-linking,
positive regulation of vesicle fusion,
cellular response to hydrogen peroxide,
negative regulation of apoptosis,
endocrine pancreas development,
response to organic cyclic substance,
keratinocyte differentiation,
cellular component movement,
negative regulation of protein secretion,
response to estradiol stimulus,
cell cycle,
signal transduction,
hepatocyte differentiation,
regulation of cell proliferation,
cell surface receptor linked signaling pathway,
negative regulation of acute inflammatory response,
response to peptide hormone stimulus
Lipocortin II (annexinII) Calcium-regulated membrane -binding protein calcium-dependent phospholipid binding,
calcium ion binding,
cytoskeletal protein binding,
phospholipase inhibitor activity
soluble fraction,
basement membrane,
early endosome
collagen fibril organization,
positive regulation of vesicle fusion,
skeletal system development

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